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In the meantime, experts do not intend to fill rehabs with gamers. The availability of games is already regulated by age ratings and local laws. Perhaps now, among other criteria (such as the presence of obscene language, scenes of violence and sex, etc.), a new one will appear - potential addictiveness. But this is unlikely to happen soon, since without a serious research base this cannot be done, and even when it gathers, it may not confirm the validity of such an innovation. Perhaps the world community will follow the example of Asian countries and limit the availability of online games for children to buy medication online time intervals or in general. But even this is a big question, since games in the West have a serious lobby from publishers, and the seriousness of the problem of gaming disorder has not yet been clearly established.

No, just as drug addiction specialists should not be former drug addicts, contrary to popular myth. Otherwise, it’s scary to imagine the predilections of suicidologists. But they definitely must be doctors (psychiatrists or, more narrowly, narcologists) who have undergone additional advanced training in non-substantial (non-chemical) types of addiction. And for them it will be much more important to take medication pills exactly what addictive parameters a particular game or player has than to understand the history of video games. Because without the first, it will be problematic to prescribe treatment, and the second is optional. Will they be able to force a person with a gaming disorder to undergo treatment?

Do gaming disorder specialists have to be gamers? Most likely, the criterion will be the same as for other addictions and psychiatric disorders. As long as a person does not pose a direct threat to the life and health of others and himself, no one will forcibly treat him. In other words, yes, they can, but in exceptional cases, when the poor fellow ends up in the hospital due to a protracted game or injures someone. How many such patients are there?

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How can I tell if I or someone I love is developing a gaming disorder? If you suspect you have a disorder yourself, try to find a suitable specialist. Let me remind you that this person should be a psychiatrist, preferably one who practices the treatment of gabapentin pills, and ideally one who has already worked with similar cases. Unfortunately, these are not easy to find. You can start with drug treatment and psychiatric centers and institutes.

If a loved one has a problem, this is much more difficult. More precisely, if he has already realized the problem, the difficulties are the same. Otherwise, little can be done. What you definitely shouldn't do. indulge, provide for the needs, protect, justify the addict. In general, do not make his life easier, otherwise there will be no point in him admitting the problem and fighting it. Also, you should not prohibit, blackmail, threaten or use other means of force to influence an addict. Most often, this contributes to an even deeper immersion in addiction. So leave it as a last resort.

Instead, try to establish contact (yes, again) with the addict in order to show him from the outside that there is a problem. At the same time, it is important not to blame, but to help see. You can’t condone it, but you also don’t need to turn away from the person. Try to convey a simple idea to him. he has a problem that you will try to buy gabapentin online solve by all possible means, but only if he admits it himself. Until this moment you are powerless. How much time a day can you play without harm to your health?